Oversized DVD ISO image

I got a DVD ISO image and can’t be burned to a DVD-R, as the ISO image is over 4,700,000 bytes.

I try to extract the image using WinImage or ISO Buster to the standard AUDIO_TS/VIDEO_TS folders and try to use tools like CloneDVD or DVD2One to reencode it and then burn to DVD-R.

When I use CloneDVD’s to burn to the DVD-r agaia, the error message:

Creation of DVD files unsuccessful.
mssing the VOB files named VTS_02__*.VOB (VobSet 9 2 0 8544 8827 8544 TCE)

When I use DVD2One, the following error message:

Error adjusting the IFO file. It does match with the VOB file.

Anyone can help…


Personally I would try mounting the .iso in a virtual drive and then use AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD.


I will try…

Does not help.

It seems the DVD VOBs & IFOs files are edited since some titiles have been ripped.

When CloneDVD/DVD2One tries to transcode the DVD files, it seems some linking are lost.

Any tool to just resize the VOB files, since I only need to gain several MBs. so that it can be fit into the DVD-R.