OVersize cds [can not copy [nero says my cd-rom can not extract audio info]



OVersize cd [can not copy [nero burning rom v4.05 says my cd-rom can not extract audio info]

CAn you any one help!!!


huh? Try using your writer as a reader!
Good luck!


or maybe another progy… I always use Audiocatalyst for extraction and nero 4070 for burnin of separate numbers!
C Ya around!


Nero burning rom…
CD-Copy under read options — CK read IRSC (slower) CK ignore illegal TOC type CK Continue copying under Unreadable data.
Audio Tracks CK use jitter corection, and ignor errors.
Under copy options de-select the on the fly option
Under image Test all drives and make an image on the fastest drive you have. (this helps w’/buffer under runs
Burn @ 2X (300kb/s)
I did this with tombraider III which also has a illegal TOC, and all worked out OK.
I used my DvD as a reader, not that I think it would have mattered if I used my CD Rom.

Hope this helps you… Not sure if it applies to your problem… Good Luck

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