Overnet and Backdoor.blarul virus

Hallo ,
after using overnet for almost 2 weeks
with no problem i updated Norton Antivirus virus definition to the latest 23/2
and since then virus Backdoor.blarul is being detected to the file overnet.exe
Some friends here in Greece had exactly the same problem(even after they have reinstalled overnet downloading it from various sites)Does anyone have the same problem or have any idea about the specified virus(couldn’t find much in Norton’s site)
Thank you

Αn answer is already given from their website :http://www.edonkey2000.com/

“Virus Hoax
There is no virus or backdoor in Overnet or eDonkey2000. Norton antivirus is incorrectly detecting this. No other virus software is having problems with our exe.
We have updated our exe so it no longer sets off Norton.”
So i guess everything is clear again

a similar thing happened to k-lite with mcafee a while back