Overlclocking 411S to 811S?

Hi gentlemen,

It was a long time ago that I visited this forum, and it feels good to be back! That I didn’t visited the forum to much is a good sign, my overclocked burners worked perfect. I overclocked my lite on burners with the help of this forum (32x@40x and the 40x@48x).

Last week the waiting was over, I decided to buy two DVD burners. After years of burning with Lite on, the choice was easy: I bought again the burners with the best price, support and quality.

And yes, my two 411S don’t disappoint me. Last week I burned 20 movies (sunstar 4 x DVD-). They all worked in the DVD players from my friends. In my Hiteker DVD I am having problems reading them. It is not a media issue with my Hiteker. My friend burned a movie on the same media with a Sony and it works in my player.

Today OCFreak asked for “problem reports with DVD players” in another thread. He is in direct contact with Lite on. So I mail him my details, and I trust that Lite on will fix it with a firmware update. You may be thinking that is much trust, but realise: Lite-on is the company with the best support, and they have earned my trust. And by the way, when I want to see a movie on my Hiteker DVD I simply burn them on the 4 x DVD+RW! No problem at all.

And then my subject…

I saw that the 811S is released. Now I feel free to make a bet that the owners of a 411S in two months (when the 8x media arrives) can burn at 8 x!!

Gentlemen as I said; it is great to be back in this community!!

Greetings Maurice

ps. I am Dutch and my English isn’t the best!

Unfortunately 411S -> 811S = NoGo :Z

Read my experience:

Here you can find the eeprom and the firmware of the 811s :wink:

Don’t you learn? Do not post links to EEPROM files!!!

If anyone cares: It’s not possible to overclock to a LDW-811S even with a LDW-811S EEPROM…

Just to stop that discussion immediately. :wink:

And do not link to any EEPROM files…linking to binary firmware files is not a problem though :slight_smile: