Overlapped Commands



When reading psx cd's using Nero 4 at 1x the rewriter will stop and refuse to read due to overlapped commands. This has happened with Fifa2000 Xena Gt2 disc 2 and recently tomorrow never dies.
Any help in getting round this would be gratefully received.
PS I am new to copying but have succesfully copied about 30 psx games.


Try a higher reading speed (and use your CDROM for reading). It is normally not necessary to set the READING speed to 1x. It’s the WRITING speed that REALLY matters when burning PSX games (depending on your recorder 2x write speed is the best choice).


BTW, I wouldn’t recommend Nero for PSX burning. Use CDRWin or (if your recorder is supported) CloneCD. Disc Juggler is a good choice either. You can find a link to CloneCDs hardware compatibility list and the correct settings for the mentioned progs on my HP at http://swenske.cjb.net

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