Overheating problems with Nvidia GeForce 6600 - HELP!



I’ve installed a new Nvidia GeForce 6600 AGP card on my system, and I’m having serious instability issues when running graphic intensive games (everything is OK for normal desktop usage).

After many tests, it seems that the problem lies with the card overheating. The card heats up considerably and very fast when I run a graphics heavy game, becoming very hot to the touch, and leading to video artifacts and crashes.

I’m using the default cooling system which comes with the card, a heavy-duty double heat sink attached to back and front of the card. It seems in place and making proper contact with the GPU. As for the case, I use both the regular PSU fan and an extra fan on the chassis below and I never had any heat problem prior to installing the new 6600 card.

My questions:

  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that my motherboard’s AGP slot is 1.5v . Is it possible that the new card (a GigaByte Nvidia GeForce 6600 256MB) uses 1.7v (I have no idea if it does, because unfortunately HARDWARE VENDORS ARE RETARDED IDIOTS WHO DON’T INCLUDE SUCH SPECIFICATIONS ON THEIR PRODUCT’S DOCUMENTATION, LEAVING BUYERS TO GUESS UP THINGS TO SORT OUT THEIR PROBLEMS) and thus the problem ? If so, would I need to replace either the MB or the card ?

  2. If voltage isn’t the issue, what else can I do ?

Thank you so much.

  1. If the MB supplies 1.5 v and the card uses 1.7 volt, then your MB should overheat, not your card. But personally I doubt a 1.7 V interface exsists (at least never heard of it).

  2. Check if the fan on your videocard is working. Check if the complete cooling is properly mounted to your card, perhaps someone screwed up at gigabyte (edit: sorry, you already checked this). If it is all working properly, it could be that heat is building up inside your computer case. In this case you need system fans for supplying your system with fresh (= cold) air.

There are lots of other things that can cause your problem, but this is the first I could think of.


Do you have temperature readings in the drivers??? I dunno about gigabyte 6600 cards, but there is a sensor in the GPU for temp, and some manufacturers actually let you monitor it. I have temperature readings from my 6600GT, it should be in the drivers under temperature settings. If not, you may want to consider hacking your bios to enable this feature, it might be worth while for troubleshooting. If you do have it, you should have idle temps around 40c, 50c tops. Load should be under 80c, if your temps are higher than this, you have a problem with the contact between the GPU and heatsink, or airflow in your case. The heatsink will get warm, it’s supposed to! If it didn’t get warm, I’d be worried. What happens when you run with the side of the case off??? Maybe point a household fan into the case to help it out, just to see if it is heat. Two fans IS NOT ENOUGH, I have a 120mm on the back of my case, another in the PSU, and 2x 80mm fans for intake in the front! That’s enough to cool a system. I’m betting the problem is heat like you suspect, or it would have issues all the time. They make card slot coolers that go into the PCI slot covers on the back of the case. One pointed @ your video card might do wonders if that’s the case.

Usually puking with a new graphics card is a sign of a weak PSU (powersupply), how are your voltages??? As for AGP voltage, it does nothing except heat up the HSI chip on those cards. It’s a pointless adjustment, you should leave it 1.5v. The GPU draws off the 12v rail, so see how that looks, if it’s going under by 3% or more, time to worry. What kind of PSU do you have, if it’s cheapie, that might be part of the problem! It is probably heat though, but check it out anyways. :slight_smile:


Just coming back to this older thread to say everything’s sorted out. Uh, er, basically the card comes with a power cord which should have been connected to the PSU but it wasn’t, because I had no idea that graphic cards had evolved to the point of needing their own direct power supply from the PSU as well as the regular slot (possibly a way of compensating for the 1.5 vs 1.7 thing, I dunno).

Thanks, everyone.


Hehe, nice to hear you have sorted it out. :slight_smile:



I have just installed a GeForce 6600, 256 Mb (AGP) as well, and am getting this same problem, only I have the internal power supply connected. I played Battlefield2 for about 10 minutes and the graphics crackled and the system froze. On reboot all the data displayed on the initialization screen was distorted. I turned off the system, and the next morning (after cooling down) it was good again. I haven’t tried gaming on it yet though. I strongly assume an overheating issue and so have others. I might need a new power suppply (2 years old) and may need better cooling in my system. I will also try to underclock the GPU as well. I will keep you updated, but until then, any more suggestions?

Also, since the addition of the hardware (more directly the power supply addition) I have lost all sound. It’s onboard and I’ve checked the whole system out (including BIOS Audio option to ensure it’s enabled).