Overheating Problem

CPU: AMD 6400
Video Card: HIS Radeon 4850 512MB GDDR3
Memory: Corsair DominatorGb (2xGb)
PSU: Apevia Warlock Power ATX 750W

Speed Fan temps on start up are core( I think means CPU) 48c, Temp 1 ( could mean CPU) 46c, Temp 2 ( I don’t know) 30c, Temp 3 ( I think is video card) 70c, HD0 (i think is my os hard drive) 23c, and HD1 ( i think is my second HD) 26c.

After 10 minutes of paying Bio Shock alarms start going off and game stops playing. Temps after 10 Minutes of playing with stock settings don’t know anything about overclocking are.

Core(62c), Temp1(59c), Temp 2(33c), Temp 3(127c), HD0(26c),and HD1(29c). Does any one know what’s going on here? Does any one know what should the start up temps should be? Or multi tasking temps should be? Or the gaming temps should be? Should I change the alarm temps it is at what it down loaded with. Is my system running Hot? Please help! Confused -j- Thank you for your help!

What type of case do you have and what kind of airflow ability does it give you?

What type of cooler are you running on your processor?

Wow, the Video card running at a 127 C, that’s pretty hot. Try taking a look at the Video Card and see if there are any defects on it.

Have you tried contacting HIS about the running temp of your video card, there is know way that they it should be running even close to a 127 C?

What temp does the ATI catalyst suite tell you that the card is running at?


I’ve got Thermaltake Strike MX v16000 SERIES case Mid Case V16001BNS with a 230mm side fan. 120mm Xclio front fan and 120mm Xclio rear fan. I’ve got a Thermaltake A1357 80mm Cpu cooler.

What exactly happens when the game “stops playing”? Is it because of the alarms from SpeedFan or does it lock up (or something else). Those temps look normal, especially when you are playing a game that is maxing the gpu.

How dirty is the PC inside the box?