Overdubbing in Nero wave editor


Have just recently joined and did a search but could not find my answer so please forgive if this has been asked.

I have the latest version of Nero and would like to dub sound effects over some music.

Have been able to insert audio files before and after the track but not over the track.

Should be simple to do but can not find it myself.

Any help,


Maxx 42

Looked, and couldn’t find it either…

You may find Audacity a good alternative

And whatever, it’s a FREE alternative - and probably a vital piece of audio toolkit, if you don’t own any “pro” applications.

Thanks for the info.

Nero suggests uninstalling before running any other recording software.

Have you done this or did you leave Nero installed while running audacity?

I’ve had no problems using Audacity with Nero installed.


Nero is referring to other CD-Recording software, which often conflicts.

Sound recording is generally much better behaved, though if you RUN two at once and they both try to take control of sound, one will end up disappointed!

Just downloaded Audacity to mix a bunch of audio files. Am combining recordings from my wife’s family from around the globe clapping and cheering for her. Plan is to mix each file into one and play the whole thing for my wife when she receives an award. That way, her whole family will be cheering for her at once, either in person or on the mixed track. Audacity does it with ease. Make sure to make a donation. Audacity deserves one.

No problem with Nero Sound Tracks:

Click the multi-track project when you start Nero, and import the main audio
Then import the effect…drag it into the second parallel track to the position you want
You can copy and paste…move things around…add as many parallel effects as you want
Change the volume or pitch
When you´re finished: export or “save as”

If you still can´t get it come back and I or someone will explain in more detail. I just ran a quick test with some gothic metal and added a bird sound…took about 20 seconds to have something kinda interesting, but now I need to sleep.

Get back to us with your progress…

Good luck

@ matthewT and yeah, Audacity is equally capable. BTW…notice the original thread is years old!!!