Overdrive update



Recently I bought the Kingston Turbochip 366 Overdrive Processor (based on an AMD K2 CPU).
I have a P.C. Olivetti Modulo 166DT which has an Intel Advanced/RH Rhinestone motherboard. From the Intel's site I have downloaded the last Bios version (the 1.00.13.CV2) and I have just made the flash procedure without problems.
After I installed in my P.C. the overdrive, the machine didn't make the boot sequence, I attepted to reduce the bus frequency from 66 to 60 Mhz, but nothing.
I searched on Internet for to resolve this problem and seems that my Intel motherboard (and its bios) are designed for to accept only Intel processors.
Do you know if I can bypass the CPU check , may be operate on the bios code (like a crack)?


Kingston TurboChip 366 (based on AMD K6-2) is not compatible with Intel motherboards.

The computer’s BIOS must support AMD processors for the chip to work. All the BIOS download from Intel are for Intel processors so it won’t work with AMD.

You should ask support directly from Kingston: http://www.kingston.com/support/default.asp

Compatibility is very important why buying hardware, If it doesn’t work try to return the chip. Good Luck