Overcoming copyright

Hi, I have just got into dvd burning but haven’t had any success with recent titles due to copyright stopping the burning process in all my software (I have 4-6 of the most popular). What can I do to overcome this problem, and what software overcomes this? Thanks.

If you’re trying to back up your movie collections, use DVD Decrypter and/or DVD Shrink.

Download AnyDVD (do a google search and you’ll find it)
It’s a handy little program from the makers of CloneCD that runs in the background and automatically takes away the copy protection the moment you put your disk in the drive. With this running you can copy the disk with your favorite burning program. You can even set up AnyDVD to remove ads from the beginning of the movie!

Thanks for the valuable help guys, much appreciated.

One caveat about AnyDVD… it’s not free.

It is for 21 days, which should be long enough to back up your whole DVD collection :slight_smile:

Yeah not to mention Any DVD is super easy to use… it just runs in the backround and does it’s own thing, you just go right on copying like normal. Mind you the prog was created to backup DVD’s you actually own…

Which is what I do :slight_smile:

Smartripper also breaks copy protection like DVDDecryptor but it doesn’t burn the discs like Decryptor does. Go with Decryptor and Shrink and you wont have any probs.