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Basically I’m just tryin to find out what I need to be able to overclock my CPU and/or FSB. I’m faily certain that it’s impossible to overclock an Intel CPU on an Intel board with an Intel chipset. If I’m wrong please tell me how. If there is a special motherboard I need please tell me, make sure it can support 800Mhz FSB. I’m tryin improve the performace but can’t find any new, even relatively new guide to doin this on an Intel CPU. I’ve found plenty of older guides that have old motherboards liket he Asus P4T but that doesn’t help much.

You need good cooling, preferrably water cooling for serious ovrclocking, and good brand name RAM(Corsair, HyperX, OCZ). You will basically need to read up on what frequency to set the RAM or try random adjustments, th worst case is that the board won’t boot, and also I read around that adding 1volt to the CPU helps, but I warn you, careful not to fry he CPU. I have never attempted this nor will as I am afraid to fry my nice relatively new 3ghz.

Obviously you didn’t read my post very well. I’m asking what I need to do it. I mean likewhat motherboard do I need to change options like that. I know the basic stuff but I can’t find a mtherboard and/or a chipset that supports overclocking. Do all Asus mobos support overclocking or is it just certain ones? These are the kinds of things I need answers to.

Most new ASUS boards definitely do. As you can see from my rig, I own one, and I must say its awesome. It has standard overclocking options so it sets all paramaters for you. Also, you can switch to manual mode, where you set all options yourself. All in the BIOS of course. Look for a feature called AI Overclocking on the ASUS boards, then you know they support all functionality for overclocking needs. I can not fairly speak for other mfg because I only buy ASUS as I see they are top of the line board makers.

Hope that helped some.

Thanks telling me, I knida figured the newer ones would also but I wasn’t sure. I don’t really feel like gettin a more expensive board if it doesn’t do what I want it too. This means I can overclock the 2.4Ghz I’m gettin to a 3Ghz with 1Ghz FSB. Thanks again you really helped me. One last question though, would it matter the chipset? If it doesn’t please help me on this I’m not too sure on a lot of other chipsets other than Intel’s.

Not very knowledgable outside Intel chipset. Sorry. :frowning:

Wish I could so a screenshot of my BIOS, you would see much more then.