Hello everyone,

I have a PC with an a7v8x Motherboard from asus. My processor is an AMD Athlon 2000+ 1.67GHz.
My video card is an Nvidia FX5200. I want to overclock my pc but this is a part of computers i dont know much about (sorry for my bad english). So im trying to do it with RivaTuner but how high can i set the core speed so that it wont fry? And my memory?
If u need anything else specs or something i’ll give it to u.

Thanks, Snelstar



what do you expect from that? Perhaps you can achieve 10% more CPU power, but stability may be affected. Also, the motherboard components like capacitors might not be up to the task due to their age.

Plus, the FX5200 is suited for Office stuff, nothing else.

My suggestion: stick with stock settings. There is no benefit from overclocking this system.



Yeah, its so old, and like what Michael was saying the potential is small. Not worth potentially ruining that PC.

Newer PC’s are very OC’able.