Hi I’m running an Intel i5-750 chip an GA P55 UD3 motherboard

I’m also running windows 7 64 bit pro

I’m trying to over clock to 3.8 will only go to 3.2

the gigabyte program will only work for 32 bit

can anybody help

thank you


You’ll get better answers in our hardware forum John, so I’m moving your thread over there.

Welcome to the forums.

Welcome to the forum johnzzz57 :slight_smile:

So to do some real OC’ing on that 750 your gonna have to do it all through the bios! So go ahead and uninstall any BS OC’ing software that came with your MB :iagree:

So when OC’ing you need some tools all of which are free, the first is Memtest86+. With memtest you make sure the memory isn’t creating errors that could ruin your windows install, so you make a bootable disc and run it BEFORE getting into windows and after every increase in speed, if there are errors they will show in red. Second tool is Prime95 (get the 64 bit version). Prime95 will stress your PC and if its stable it won’t fail or freeze up. While stressing the PC you should monitor the cpu temperature, do that with Coretemp (get the 64 bit version). Temps can go pretty high, and I personally don’t know the safe limit for the 750, but 65C is probably a safe limit for now.

Every bios is a little different, but you have to do a balance between adding a little voltage to some key components in order to get a little more head room to increase the frequency. You might want to do a little googling to find out any tutorials on your particular MB.

edit: heres a Youtube tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: Link
edit: You should also first flash the latest bios version to you MB to ensure best results.

Lynnfields at this point are proving to be troublesome to overclock. The onboard PCI-E controller probably is the source of the problem.

It might be the second or third revision of chips before you see overclocking monsters become commonplace, as Intel learns to get the voltage tolerances in check and motherboard manufacturers adapt as well.