Hi, i was stupid enough to overclock my computer without goin through much documentation, i m surviving on a celron 1.7 accompanied with a VIA chip,on which i set the multipliers to 15(10 before) and the clock freq to 115 (range 100-132).which i guess i should not have :confused:
now i a at a point where my cpu wont give me any display , not even the bios,:confused: sounds like its goin throug all of that , i can even hear the fan making a larger sound than uswal , but no dispaly: ::sad:
now i am really blank now
please help:bow::bow::bow::bow:

You probably need to clear the BIOS settings so it will reboot. There are generally two ways to do this. First is by a jumper pin setting on the or you can remove the small flat battery on the motherboard for a few seconds and then reinstall it. Make sure to unplug your power cord from the computer while doing this. You will need to reset the time and date and any other special setting you had before.

OK, you need to reset CMOS.
Your mobo manual will usually detail how to use specific jumpers on your board to reset CMOS. Computer must be unplugged from wall outlet.

Lacking that, you can carefully remove the CMOS battery for a minute or two and then replace.
The computer must be unplugged (wall outlet) and you must ground (earth) yourself before touching anything on the mobo. Use a grounging wrist strap or touch the computer frame or power supply case while unplugged from wall outlet.

Temporarily removing CMOS power will return the computer to safe, default BIOS settings. You will probably have to go through all your BIOS settings to return to optimum settings.

will give that a shot…
appreciate it :slight_smile:

I tried to remove the battery for a min and then replug it and reboot , its till the same wont even reach my BOIS display.
suggestions please:bow:

Remove every thing from your set up apart from 1 stick of memory ,the processor, a hard drive and the video card.
Ensure that the heat sink is sitting properly on the processor.
If you do not get any joy measure the voltages on the psu or substitute it.
You did not say how you overclocked? was it in BIOS or with mobo links?
If after this still not working then you must consider the possibility that either the processor or motherboard is shot.:sad:

Did you unplug the computer from the wall socket?

  1. Verify that the battery is good.
    Test with a digital voltmeter with the battery out of the computer.
    Also, make sure that the battery is installed correctly.

  2. If your computer has a reset button try it.
    It will be a smaller button on the front on the computer usually near the main power button.