Hi everyone,

Not sure f this is the right place for this post, but I was wondering are there any “correct” or “proper” steps to take when trying to overclock a MB. I have a gigabyte 8IPE775 Pro MB and a 3.2 Ghz Intel P4 64 bit CPU. OCZ Value pc3200 1Gb RAM.

Any help/suggestions?

Many thanks!


Its all about balance, patience and being prepared to venture into the unknown. Check this. I’m a member, not to knock cdfreaks, but this forum is tops for overclocking advice. They have a major affiliation with the folding@home team.


Thanks for your reply… I will read it with interest…

  1. most gigabyte mobos are weak overclockers
  2. you wont get far with that ram as it runs at 200mhz (same as your cpu fsb),some 200mhz (3200) rams can also run at much higher speed but yours a “value” ram so no way
  3. stock cooler isnt good enough for overclock
  4. gigabyte mobos have hidden bios settings you can find em by pressin ctrl+f1


The OCZ website says the RAM runs at 400Mhz?
I have activated the advanced features with Ctrl+F1, and it would be nice to have a clear description of some of the settings.

I increased the FSB to 210 Mhz and the system seemed to reboot well, and was fairly stable. I then tried going to 212Mhz and then had trouble rebooting. Windows XP went cyclic on me…it kept on rebooting so I tried upping the CPU voltage slightly…not luck. The reboot problem I had was saying something like “windows could not find a registry file that it needed and was able to locate a backup file to use”…something along those lines anyway. So I went back in to Bios and put everything back to stock and now its working fine. What else should I be looking at?

The memory timings are currently at 2.5-4-4-8. This is what is recommended by the Manufacturer…and I can’t even change the 2.5 to a 3…the Bios wont allow me to. The only option I have is 2.5???

ANy further info would be great…

PS. I have seen a review on this mobo that said it clocked well upto 245Mhz…???


i wouldnt say it truly runs at 400mhz ddr stands for “double data rate” it runs at 200mhz but doubles itself , as for what else you should be looking at i guess you arent aware that when you up the fsb it also ups the ram sure it ups the cpu higher aswell but mainly the ram and the ram must handle the fsb otherwise no go so try to up its voltage , anyway as i alredy said you wont get far with that ram your cpu fsb is 200mhz and also the ram since your cpu fsb is 200mhz and also the ram is 200mhz it dont have enough “space” to expand cuz its alredy at its max it will barley go higher , anyway i wouldnt use the word “stable” without testing with memtest86+ and prime95

i just searched for reviews on your mobo found 2 one of em did show 246 but the other one (the english one at legionhardware) showed 223 so its kinda hard to decide which one to believe :doh: and i never heard about hardware12v before , anyway even if its true it doesnt mean youll get that far aswell it depends on the ram & cooling

as for the timings goto “advanced chipset features>>advanced dram timing” make sure its not on spd and then youll be able to change em , i forgot to mention it before. set the agp/pci frequency to 66/33 its very important for a stable oc

edit btw when puting the ram timings too low it may cause the mobo to halt on post (youll see nothin) if it will happen then clear cmos using a certain jumper look in manual for further info


I have set the timngs to manual…but I still only get the option for 2.5 for the first timing value…?

Does SATA HDD’s make OC’ing less stable as well?


but I still only get the option for 2.5 for the first timing value…?
The first timing - CAS is not negotiable its fixed. To change it - buy better RAM.

Does SATA HDD’s make OC’ing less stable as well?


Could/should I reduce the last value from 8 to 7 to make 2.5-4-4-7? I have had a few BSOD’s before I started O’cing…I figured maybe things weren’t quite right from the beginning…


see this article

there are alot of reasons for bsods the most common is bad drivers
bsod logs are kept in c:\windows\minidump if you want me to check them out rar or zip em and upload to mytempdir

see this and this it explains on timings , anyway remember the last 3 lines of my previous reply it just might happen


i DELETED the mini dumps the other day as they were starting to build up…!
They mainly consisted of BUGCODE USB DRIVER type messages…

I have the cas(2.5) version of the OCZ value range. The default timings are 2.5-4-4-8. Last night I changed them to 2.5-3-3-7 and an memtest with no errors. I then tried lowering the 7 to a 6 and then ran into problems. Couldn;t reboot…waited 30 secs or so and then tried again. This time I could atleast get back into Bios and put them back to default. So Im thinking…I could run it at 2.5-3-3-7…and assuming that memtest test is as vigorous as its gonna get…then I should be ok.??

Then Im wondering am I better off running 2.5-3-3-7…or default (2.5-4-4-8) and up the FSB as far as it’ll go (which as reported earlier was around 210Mhz)…

What is the influencing factor that determines wether one’s memory is too slow…or ones CPU??? For instance, when I rip DVD’s…my CPU usage goes up to around 90%…while MEM usage is around 200-300Mb out of 1Gb…


depends how many passes , give it 7 at least if not more
btw have you used the + version? its much better then the regular
anyway dont count only on memtest its for ram testing only even if it passes all good it doesnt mean the cpu is stable (if you upped the fsb that is) do torture test with prime95 for several hours to test that and while your at it monitor the temperature/voltages with speedfan

thats what benchmarks are for use sandra

afaik the ram usage isnt related to cpu and depended on the software


If I have pc3200 OCZ value ram, what should the bus frequency be set to? If I leave it on auto, it selects 400Mhz… Is that right?


I ran the prime95 tests last night for the first time, and found it failed after around 5 minutes. Said something about expected 0.5 but returned 0.4 or vice-versa. Not sure what this means…is it my memory failing to keep up with the CPU (which I am not really overclocking at the moment).

The Giga-byte 8IPE775 pro Mobo has a couple of features in the Bios such as C.I.A (CPU Intelligent Accelerator) which I have tried using only at a very mild setting (sports) which accelerates the CPU by approx 5% when under heavy load. The other feature is called M.I.B which is a similar feature for speeding up the RAM when needed…nit sure what this does though…

Should I even be trusting these sort of gimmicks? Default settings for both is disabled…

Tonight I’ll try the prime95 test again with everything set to factory,and see what happens then…could be dodgy memory??


You failed Prime95. That error is usually a CPU error. Memtest86 is the best tool for checking RAM.

You need to turn off all BIOS settings for auto-this and auto-that, like MIB and CIA. If the CPU fails Prime, then you need to increase voltage a notch and watch your temps closely.

To find your best CPU clock, run the RAM at a lower multiplier to remove the RAM as a potential source of instability untill you find the best speed for the CPU. There are lots of good guides around for OC on the various processors, suggest reading them before proceeding. Never try to OC both the CPU and RAM at the same time. Do one, then the other, then find the best combination of settings to do both with stability.


Said something about expected 0.5 but returned 0.4 or vice-versa. Not sure what this means…is it my memory failing to keep up with the CPU (which I am not really overclocking at the moment).

In my experience this error indicates the ram failing. To be honest with you, I dont think you will get much speed out of that Value ram and here is why, in order to increase the mhz, you will have to increase the ram timings. This will only work if it is in conjuction with the CPU speed. Here is what I mean by this, lets say you go from 2.5, 3, 3, 7 200 mhz to let say 3, 4, 4, 8 220mhz the speed is killed by the higher timings. Now there is a hugh difference by using “Good” ram (TCCD, or UTT variants) that same speed of 220 mhz and 2, 2, 2, 5 or even 2, 3, 3, 7 will smoke the doors off the stuff you have.

Now, an easy way to tell if it is your CPU or ram holding you up. As rdgrimes has mentioned, if you have the divider settings on your mb, just lower the ram speed by using this method and jack the mhz up on the processor. Here is a typical example,
set your fsb to 220mhz, now set your ram to 180 9:10 and your ram will run at 198mhz, 166 5:6 ram will run 183mhz and so on. These settings will allow you to test the cpu seperately from your ram. Once you find the max settings for your cpu then start to up the mhz on the ram by adjusting the divider on the ram. Remember to always stress test between settings.

I hope this helps.


Ah hah…I know what you mean…in the Bios there’s a setting for RAM Frequency…with options such as 2.0, 1.66 or 1.33, or Auto. Initially it was set to auto, and I noticed that greyed out was 400mhz (which I assume is the frequency that had been autmatically selected based on the RAM type). Then I changed it to 2.0…which when then mulitplies the FSB speed by 2 to set the RAM speed. So what you’re saying is to drop the RAM speed to say…1.66 or 1.33 and see how far the CPU will go then. I’ll give this a shot. At the moment, all voltages are at factory settings.
I will also try disabling CIA and MIB and see if its more stable then.

Thanks guys for your help thus far…really!




Im now looking at a memory upgrade. The most I can get out of the OCZ value is 420Mhz (210 FSB). So that brings my initial CPU frequency of 3.2 to 3.4Ghz approx. I had to increase the CPU core voltage to 1.40v and the Dimm up by 0.1v otherwise there was too much instability. I managed to run prime95 for 6 hours without any errors, and good temps. So now I want more, and am goijng to upgrade my RAM. Question is…which RAM? My Motherboard specs say it only supports 400Mhz RAM…so there would be no point in buying DDR533 (pc4200) would there??

Should I just buy DDR400 but stay away from value series…? eg Corsair, or even the OCZ premier series???


or something like this.