how do i overclock my celeron 600 when my motherboard is jumperless and i can’t do it through the bios? what is some good software that i can use from windows?

just open the trash bin, throw away the celeron 600 and buy someting new… :wink:
independent of what you will buy, it will be definitely be much more faster… :wink:
you could also try a tool such as CPUFSB from http://mitglied.lycos.de/podien/ - maybe it works for you, but use it on your own risk…

http://www.geocities.com/enigmadeadsouls/softfsb.html - the old SoftFSB - maybe the motherboard is old enough to be supported.

You are not going to turn a 600 celery into a super-beast
You might get nothing at all (no supported adjustable PLL).
You may well hit instability very soon as the PCI frequency rises with FSB - this can also result in IDE data corruption, as the IDE interface will also be overclocked.

And you could trigger a catastrophic failure.

You could maybe pick up a very cheap second-hand PC, it’s bound to be quicker than that one. My lad bought a faster one with his pocket money (£5) and sold it on.