Overclocking VGA card. Any cautions?



I am considering overclocking my MSI 6600GT card (model NX6600GT-VTD128SP.) It’s the supreme edition so the memory clock is 1000MHz compared to the standard 900MHz. The core clock is 500Mhz. I’ve heard the card is great to overclock with the stock fan.

Do I need to take the same precautions as if I were OC’ing a CPU? Are excessive temperatures as damaging to a GPU? How would I go about monitoring the temperature(s) on the card?


You can try searching for info specific to your card, but to the best of my knoledge, you can pretty much slowlly raise the gpu and or memory on most card till they artifact and then back them off safely. Some cards can report thier temps (a friend of mine has a 6600 and his can) so I would try googling for something that can report it (maybe sandra or mb5 or something like that can). Just like a cpu, you can only overclock to a point without raising voltage. If you volt mod your card, that where you are going to get dangerious heat etc. that could fry your card.


Yeah, my advice is to not bother. You’ll get a couple more FPS but at the cost of stability. You already have a much-higher-clocked card, why not just let it go? Your eye can’t see that many FPS anyway. LOL.

It’s like CPU’s. I fully support unlocking a CPU that can safely run 50% faster, like the mobile Athlons that you can just set to 200mhz. But when people go on about overclocking to get that last 5% out of the chip… why bother?


Yeah, I know. A few more FPS in Battlefield 2 would really help, though. I needed a new card and couldn’t spend more than $200 at this point in time. It’s a great card…excellent for the $, but not quite what I hoped.


I have a radeon 9800 that is overclocked to a 9800 pro and it has worked fine for the past three years with no problems. It was a small step up. I would not recommend pushing it too hard… A few more frames at the cost of a new video card is hard to justify…


It has a 3 year warranty. I figure what the hell, I’ll be in the market for a new card by then.


the method in which you overclock a grfx card should be the same…find the max for the gpu independent of the memory, then vice versa…do so in small 2-5mhz increments…i would suggest RivaTuner for NV cards and ATI Tray Tool for ATI cards…

GPUs are designed for MUCH higher temperatures than most CPUs…peaks during intensive gaming sessions can get cards up near 80C…anything below 70C is a very good…you can use RivaTuner to monitor temps…