Overclocking - Unbelievable



A Japanese overclocker has managed to overclock Intel Pentium 4 670 microprocessor to 7.132GHz and even run certain benchmarks on the system that was cooled down by liquid nitrogen.

In order to accomplish the extreme overclocking Japanese enthusiast Memesana, who published his results at XtremeSystems web-site, used ASUS P5WD2 Premium mainboard based on Intel’s i955X core-logic, Corsair PC2-5400UL 512MB memory modules as well as Intel Pentium 4 670 processor with stock speed of 3.80GHz. The processor system bus was overclocked to 1520MHz; processor’s voltage was pumped up to 1.70V, significantly higher than default setting; memory latency settings were CL4 3-3-4, memory voltage was set to 2.3V.

According to the posted statement, the system managed to calculate π (pi) number to 1 million decimal places in 18.516 seconds, which is currently the world’s record.

Earlier this year another overclocker has managed to push hit Intel Pentium 4 570J chip to 7.22GHz, but at that clock-speed the PC could function only in BIOS. The maximum speed at which he could boot Windows XP operating system and perform memory testing was 6.60GHz.

this information came from http://www.xbitlabs.com/web/display/20050811231553.html


I guess I’d better dust off that old liquid nitrogen setup I have laying in the back room. :rolleyes:


I wonder if he could get more out of it with Linux Liquid Nitrogen or would it just be more stable ?


Sonys new systems are liquid cooled but I doubt they are using nitrogen.


I think that L.N. is a controlled substance in the USA, you need permits to have it.

Imagine a leak in the cooling system and all your components instantly freeze and shatter. Kind of like in Terminator 2. :iagree:


It is? I’m not sure about that. But even if it isn’t, it’s still pretty hard to get (not to mention, difficult to handle and impractical for use).


And expensive. :eek:


Why not just wait and upgrade, this whole overclocking thing is just a useless hype.

PC systems are getting cheaper by the day.


Yes but a lot of people just do it for the excitement and the challenge as well as getting a litle more out of there systems.


Till they crash and burn and money down the drain… lol


it’s just a hobby for some, like tricking out your car or similar…especially the extremists…to each his/her own…


Most times, my PC is fast at 1-3GHz. HD (especially encoded with DivX or WMV), thousands of compressed files, etc. like faster and faster processors, but a simple TV can play HD and better have uncompressed .jpg and .txt files than using compressed files to store onto smaller capacity media. But it’s fun to know that such common processors can be overclocked to 7.x GHz without the help from DARPA or NASA. :slight_smile:

My water cooler package is already dangerous enough even though I use tap water only. The water in the water tank might be spilled all over the desk full of delicate components and sheets of paper and wooden floor under the desk.


Thats why I only do more extreme stuff with older stuff that isn’t worth a fortune. I’m looking into an athlon 64 system soon, so why not try some extreme overclocking on one of my athlon xp systems. I would have probably just wound up with a motherboard and cpu sitting on the shelf colecting dust anyway. I have to laugh when I here about someone blowing up an athlon fx or soemthing that they just bought though. I would imagine they knew the risks, lol.


Hmm that sure is a nice result. Nothing to use on a daily base, but okay… if this is how you get your kicks, I guess it’s all worth it.

For now I’ll stick with air cooling :slight_smile: