Overclocking to 52speed?

Ive been reading bout the new Lite-on 52 speed burner. And my question is if someone here knows if it will be possible to overclock a lite-on burner (for example the 48 speed) to a 52 speed. Is it the same hardware again ?

The new drives have a different chipset, hense the “6” in the model numbers. As of yet, nobody has seen one, so it’s not known if they will be “flashable”. The odds are against the 2 different chipsets using the same firmware, though, so upgrading a “5” to a “6” is not likely.

Yeah firstly the drive maybe using Lite-on internals but that doesn’t necessarily mean Lite-on firmware. Secondly, the real drive will be avilable mid September so there is little chance of even getting a firmware for the drive before then. And Last, it uses a 6th Generation chip, not a 5th generation like Lite-on’s recent drives have been using.


Propably you can upgrade a 48x (6-chip) to a 52x (6-chip), but until they’re at the market we can only guess.