OverClocking the LTR-32123S... Any benifit besides speed?

I’m not at all disapointed with the speed of my LTR-32123S drivbe. Is there any benifit to flashing it to the overclocked firmware? Maybe it will be able to handle other copy protections that the normal firmware didn’t?

I haven’t overclocked my 32123s yet, but it will have month Rainier support other than speed gain.
MT Rainier is a new standard for faster CD-RW packet writing


The most important benefit you’ll gain is the change in the write strategy. Instead of Z-CLV it’ll be P-CAV. No more zones, spin ups or stripes in your writing. Even writing at 32x it’ll be faster and produce better quality writes. Mount Rainier is an over hyped feature that’s not really necessary. Formatting a CDRW for it takes a lot of room that could otherwise be used for information.