Overclocking the lite-on 32x burner

What is the difference between the LTR-32123S & LTR-32125W? I’ve read that only the latter is overclockable.

How can you tell the difference between the models? I want to make sure that I buy the right one.

Can anyone who has successfully overclocked the 32x burner post their experiences here? A step by step how to would be helpful, especially how to do it under XP.


You’re right - only the 32125W is overclockable.

The sticker on the drive will identify the model number (No indication on the packing, though).

I bought a 32125W, downloaded mtkflash and VS02.bin (there are links in the sticky threads). These were copied to a FAT 32 partition on HDD. I booted into DOS and flashed the drive. Takes less than a minute.

BTW, you CAN flash from a floppy instead of having a FAT16/32 partition. It would take more time and is also more risky. The data on the floppy may be corrupt etc.