Overclocking - the bad story?

I just read your review of some Lite-On drives, and the results of audio copy were different…

I want to show you something about the overclocking of a LTR-40125S to the LTR-48125W (highest possible for LTR-40125S, and much people did this)

He a list of the drives with firmware, and how many of the audio protections he defeated:

LiteOn LTR-48125W - VS06 — 1/6
LiteOn LTR-48125W - VS08 — 3/7

LiteOn LTR-40125S - ZS0N — 1/7
LiteOn LTR-40125S - ZS0P — 6/7

Ass you see the ZS0P firmware defeated 6 of 7 protections and the VS08 firmware only 3/7…

Is this because the firmware ZS0P is newer than the VS08? And will the LTR-48125W also get the firmware which will allow it to copy as much protections as the ZS0P?

Source: http://www.cdfreaks.com/document.php3?Doc=99&Page=10