Overclocking software

Does anyone know of a good overclocking software that is free ?

Most motherboard manufacturers offer free overclocking software. Also, many BIOSs are setup to allow for easy overclocking. It would help to know some details about your computer like motherboard model, CPU, RAM etc.

As UTR has already said “many BIOSs are setup to allow for easy overclocking” and if you are
running an AMD CPU with an AMD chip-set mobo then there is the AMD Overdrive software that
allows for easy overclocking. As said before many of the mobo manufacturers offer some form of
free overclocking software I know Gigabyte offers what they call EasyTune 6 overclocking software.

Yes some more info about what hardware you have would greatly help in pointing you in the right
direction for overclocking software information. :iagree: