Hi ive overclocked my P4 1.6 (wilamette core…it sucks) to 2.0 on a gigabyte 8IRX (rev f7) by bumping up my FSB to 125
Will overclocking my FSB damage my hardware like ram and IDE and ATAPI perhapsals?
Ive reduced the ratio to PII/16 and my ram rate to 200mhz
what is the greatest speed i can gt out of my wilamette core (0.15 or 0.18) at 2.0g it seems quite stable

Hardly , it’ll get hotter and probably the lifecycle of the products will be reduced a third , but if they don’t get much hotter or more unstable , you can use this for years.

I’ve had a Pentium 1 266MHz MMX for years :slight_smile: