Overclocking plextor w1210A?

Hi, I’ve read all the forum and I didn’t find the answer?

It’s possible to overclock my plextor w1212a?

Thank’s, perhaps I don’t know what I say, sorry!

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But you forgot to check the Plextor FAQ!

[i]Q Can a Plextor writer be overclocked just as the Lite-On writers can?

A Nope, sorry. Currently there’s no way to force a firmware upgrade for the Plextor recorders. The Lite-On drives have MKTFLASH which forces a certain firmware to be installed on a drive. Such a program does not exist for Plextor recorders. If someone does know of such a program then please share![/i]

I’m Sorry, I check It but It passed to me,

Sorry, bye. And Thanks for all.