Overclocking philips cdd4801

i,ve got a cdd4801 OEM cdr drive it had firmware f22f and took me exactly 40 min to burn a cd thats if if didnt stop of freeze the system .The only id i could get was cdd4801 i managed to get firmware 2.5 and now it takes 10 min.
I was wondering if i could overclock it OR use another firmware for another company .The cdd4801 appears to be a philips 8432
Is there any way i could backup my previous firmware i.e faulty one ? I,ve tried to look on the internet for help but could,nt find any overclocking for philips drives i did try it with philips cdd4851 but did,nt work
Any help would be appreciated


can anyone help ??? are philips drive overclockable??
what software to use can i use flashfix???
i,ve tried mtkflash couldnt backup my firmware
then again i,m new to this so i might not be using mtkflash properly
any help/info appreciated

hi there… I don’t know all that much about it all to be completely honest with you… I’m trying to get my stupid CDD4801 to work at all… however I do remember coming across something somewhere that stated that you could not overclock writing with this burner. I believe I saw that on something actually written by the manufacturer… so I do believe it to be completely true… however, there are always some neat softwares out there that just amaze me… at this point, I’d just like to find some firmware that will work so I can MAYBE get mine to burn again! Good luck! If you find anything out… post it on here somewhere! I’ll be doing searches on CDD4801 until I either get it to work, or rip it out of my machine and smash it with a hammer!:smiley: