Overclocking my LTR-32123S to 48x?

Why is it not possible to overclock my 32x LiteOn burner to 40x or 48x Speed ?

Different chipset…

Do a search and you will find a zillion different post conserning this…

What about with the new firmware that has been recently released?

Nothing changed except that it supports more media.

Yes what about it?
It adds some more CD-R media to the database…
They still use different chipset, so it’s still a no-go.

[EDIT]Darn, OC-Freak beat me to it… Oh well… :)[/EDIT]

hmmm…P-CAV is certainly different from Z-CLV driving algorithms.:rolleyes:

Try to use Sis chipset drivers on a via system.
That’s similiar to using xxxx5x firmware on a xxxx3x drive.

forgive me if i’m wrong, but I remember once OC-Freak replyed in a tread that he was running his LTR-32123S as a P-CAV drive, but that the firmware still had bugs.

I searched for the post, but couldn’t find it.


Don’t know if this helps, but check it out:


However, the post refers to the 40x as P-CAV and not the 32x, if I’m correct.

burnproof, you’re right

It’s that post that I meant. So I was wrong

Nope I do not run the LTR-32123S as P-CAV…

I was talking about the LTR-40125S that I was running as P-CAV in that thread.

In the aftertime I’ve realized that there is no LTR-32123W drive either.

So LTR-32123S will probably never be P-CAV or support mt.rainier.