Overclocking Memorex DVD+R DL

Is there any way I can write faster to 2.4x DL media from Memorex? I got Plextor PX-740A andusing Nero 6.6. Currently I’m unable to break 2.4x barrier :frowning:

Trust me, this stuff barely manages a decent burn at 2.4x, maybe 60% of the time if you’re lucky. If you’re getting decent burns at 2.4x, consider yourself blessed and be happy.


Memorex DL media is Ritek D01

This media is well known to be terrible, im surprised it burns at all.

Oh well :frowning: Yeah it’s pretty bad. I just got a bad burn as I’m writing this… Hopefully I run out of these crappy discs soon, and order me some Verbaitum DVD+R DLs… I used them before with great success (on a slower burner tho), but went after Memorex because it was cheaper… Such a fool :frowning: