Overclocking kingston ram..kindly help



I bought a 2gb Kingston at 667Mhz…I overclocked it to 800Mhz successfully without having to increase voltage…

My question is can it be overclocked higher? like 1066 or maybe 1333? It is a kingston DDR2 PC-2 5300

Thanxs in advance for replying


I doubt it. IMO, you should be pleased to get 800 mhz from it. I have OCZ 800 mhz RAM OC’ed to 940 mhz and was happy to get that far. In my experience, OC’ing RAM rarely works as well as OC’ing a CPU. If you feel adventurous you can always bump up the voltage a bit and see how far you can push it before it starts giving you errors.


Please list your full system specs so we can help you better. Motherboard model # (Biostar____) How are your cooling everything, Power supply make and model, Graphics card?

When overclocking, you should be careful not to corrupt any files or programs on your hard disk. Your CPU overclock from 2.66 to 3.0 on a E7xxx Intel is somewhat conservative and should run at that speed without a voltage boost. You may be able to reach those memory speeds but you might need to increase your memory timings quite a bit.

First make sure your PCI bus is locked @ 33.33 Mhz. Also the PCIe is at 100 Mhz.

From there you can start increasing the CPU and memory speeds via the FSB, but you need to use programs that test for system stability.

You should test your memory stability first outside of the windows environment so that your don’t mess up your windows install. Memtest can be downloaded as a bootable CD here: http://www.memtest.org/

You can let memtest run for a few hours to ensure your memory is stable at your settings.

For stressing the CPU and Memory in Windows use this program, IntelBurnTest.
It is an extremely stressful program that you will not have to run for 24 hours to ensure stability.


for my processor I was able to overclock up to 4.4Ghz but 3.0Ghz was enough for me and I was a bit scared to let it at that…It’s a newly bought system…so I dont want to mess it…lool…

So here are my specs:

motherboard : biostar GF7050V-M7

processor : intel core 2 duo E7300 oc’d to 3.00Ghz

Graphic card : nvdia geforce 9400 GT oc’d ( core clock: 700 Mhz, memory clock setting : 420 Mhz, Shader clock setting: 1781 Mhz)----sidenote: it’s quite a good card…I dont know why everyone says it’s crap…Crysis n GTA IV are running well on it…

sound: onboard 5.1 realtek HD audio ( I have a creative sound card but cant make it work under vista though it’s said vista ready on the pack)

Ram :kingston DDR2 PC-2 5300 667 Mhz oc’d to 800Mhz

For the temperature…For the processor it remains at average 40…The graphic card sometimes hits 75 when playing but it remains at an average of 57…My casing is an asus vento A8 which already contained a power supply when I bought it…It has a fan running at around 2800RPM…anyway to tweak it a little bit higher? anyway gonna add a new fan soon facing the graphic card…

Here the link to my casing on the asus website : http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=7&l2=37&l3=94&l4=0&model=1625&modelmenu=1


Your PSU is a generic unit so I wouldn’t try pushing anything too much. Most generic units are not able to supply the amount of power they are “rated” at, at least not for an extended amount of time.

I bet your CPU doesn’t run anywhere close to 40C with intelburntest running, as long as it doesn’t go above 65C you should be good for a long period of time.

You can try downloading speedfan to control your systems fans. It doesn’t work on all systems but it is worth a shot. http://www.almico.com/speedfan437.exe


what do u mean by a generic unit? How did u know that it is a generic unit? The retailer where I bought it told me it’s the best casing that he had becoz of ITS GREAT POWER SUPPLY compared to other casing he had…was I fooled? :S

I’m gona add a new fan soon…I already have one…The problem is where do I connect it on the board…can u help please?

Thxs for the software…I’m gona try it


Well, what is the make and model of the PSU? Is it an Asus?

You can download the manual for your motherboard here:
On page 9 it shows you where the fan headers where you plug the fans in are.


so about the PSU it’s written asus certitified PSU on it…It has an on/off switch and a red-like button…think it’s to change voltage…it’s written 230 on it

it’s written loads of things on the PSU…I copied what I thought important…sorry dont have a camera…

Delta Electronics, INC

Model : GPS-350AB

Input: 115~/8A, 230V~/4A, 50Hz-60Hz

Output peak 350W, rated 300W

Total combine current on +12V1 & +12V2 rails are 19A max



Sorry I called the unit generic, I assumed it would be because it “came with the case.”

I found a review of your PSU on the internet, unfortunately, it isn’t in english but the pictures alone tell us some info.


With a combined current of 19A on the 12V rail (which both the CPU and GPU run off) I would again, not try and push anything too much.

Your model seems to be a older one, I cannot find it on Delta’s site. It is not 80plus certified http://www.80plus.org/manu/psu/psu_detail.aspx?id=27&type=2 so it is not the most efficient PSU, but it will probably serve your needs as long as you don’t upgrade to a power hungry graphics card (Your 9400GT is only around 50Watts). It has a really nice Yate Yoon fan that should keep the components nice and cool, I don’t think there will be a need to increase that fans speed as you were asking before.

Did you find the fan header on the mobo for your case fan?


thanxs for the link buddy…but my psu isnt like that…the psu in the link is the same model as mine but with a 120mm fan…mine is 80mm fan…

here’s the link on delta’s site:


I have the GPS-350AB A/B 80mm fan…is it a good PSU? I dont quite understand…I clicked on the model n downloaded the pdf file but I cant understand what has been written…anyway about the graphic card, whats the highest watt of graphic card which I can use? a 9800GT? or the lastest ATI card?

Hey buddy u have to help me about that fan thing…there are only two fan connectors on this board…One is the CPU fan header and the other one is system fan header…but both are already being used…I cant find where to connect the other fan…

I have a ques…Must I connect the fan to the board? is it a must? arent there fans with only the power cord?

Thanxs a lot for helping me :slight_smile:


OK, well, I assume the power supply is the same as the one in the review except for the fan. I am no PSU expert, so maybe someone else can chime in. The good is that it is Delta made, which isn’t great, but it is not crap. Also, you actually have 26A on the 12V line according to the link on Delta’s site. The bad is that is that it is not very efficient, >65% at 100% load. This means that a lot of power is being lost to heat so it will run hotter and consume more electricity under load compared with a 80+ certified unit http://www.80plus.org/manu/psu/psu_join.aspx .

If you want to know more about the PSU and what its limits are, you can ask in the jonnyguru forums here: http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3
The individuals are very knowledgeable there and could probably give you better answers than I could. They can be a bit snobbish though, so don’t be surprised if they tell you it’s crap and go buy a top-of-the-line unit.

Unfortunately, your motherboard only has 2 fan connectors. For the 3rd fan you can get an adapter which will allow you to plug it into the power supply Molex connectors. Something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812201009
I am not sure what country you are in but products like that should be available at most online computer retailers if you cannot find it locally.
Do you really need a third fan? I know one fan is the CPU heatsink, I assume the other is at the back of the case as an exhaust. Right?


yes the other one is at the back of the case near the processor…I want to put one near my graphic card which doesnt have a cooling fan…It has a heatsink…(max GPU temp when playing is around 75)dont you think I need a fan then? 65%?OMG…on 100% load??? thats a huge loss here…anyway I dont mind it as it’s running fine here n I’m an average user…and I dont plan to extreme overclock my system…anyway thanxs man…


You are welcome.

75 Deg. is pretty warm. If you have a way to mount a fan on the heatsink then I would purchase one of those 3-pin to Molex connectors.