Overclocking Intel CPU

I’ve thought about overclocking before and even done it a few times, but through the BOIS on the motherboard. Well, now I can’t do that because my motherboard doesn’t support it. I’m just wondering if there are any programs or anything else that I can use to overclock my proccessor. Here are my computer specs:

CPU: Intel P4 3.0Ghz 800FSB
Motherboard: D875PBZ
Chipset: I875
RAM: 1GB PC3200
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

If there are any other specs needed just let me know.

If your mainboard doesn’t support it, I don’t think you can do it. Unless there is an application that supports changing BIOS settings that can’t be modified in the BIOS itsself (look at your mainboard’s vendor site for such an app), I think there’s no way of overclocking your current system.

I was afraid of that, but I had heard of some programs, SoftFSB for one, that could change stuff from within Windows. Guess stuff like that is kinda obsolete now. Ohh well, it’s just that I didn’t feel like shelling out a lot of money for a new motherboard and RAM to go with it. Guess I’ll just wait till SiS comes out wit their PCI-Express motherboard. They also have a different one coming out that has RDRAM support. Too bad they couldn’t combine those together. That’d make one kick ass mobo if they did. It’s too bad that Asus stopped making mobos that support RDRAM, though. They are, however, coming out with one that supports PCI-Express. I’ll probably get one of those when I built myself a new comp. Though I kinda need to get a job before I do that, low cash flow.

intel boards generally dont overclock (why intel would make their own boards overclockable would be beyond me)

they are all autosensing for both fsb and clock speed (although i hear that certain intel boards have a utility that allow you to modify those things from within windows (one of the 865 and 875’s but i forgot which model (dont beleive its yours though))