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So my friend told me to Overclock my computer to have better gaming experience so i decided to do that. But when i went to check the bios for overclocking, there was nothing. I didn’t assemble my computer. I bought it from BestBuy. What i wanted was a good software to overclock my computer so if you guys can help me it would be great. I have a pretty strong machine. I just wanna make it faster since i can. I have an AMD Athlon 64 3700+. I have 1 Gig of ram. My graphics card is intergrated and it is Ati Radeon Xpress 200 with 256 mg. So plz tell me a good software or any other way to overclock my computer. If you guys want i can get a picture from cpu-z and paste it here. But i dont know how to do that so if you guyz can help me i would be more than happy.


overclocking is a very daft idea if you dont know what you’re doing, if you want my advice buy a decent graphics card, that will improve your gaming experience far more than any overclock you may achieve


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I would not recommend overclocking your processor as will void warranty and as stated it’s plenty powerful in stock form , San Diego core 2.2 ghz with 1mb of l2 cache , ram a 1gb is also sufficent but where you lacking is in the intergrated video x200 ati , save up your money and get yourself a better PCI-E card either from Ati or NVidia and disable the onboard video , not knowing the perticulars of your mobo , it should have a PCI-E 16X slot …

man , MR B beat me to it , but we do agree


Yep, the above posters are spot on. Buying a dedicated video card will do more for you than any overclock, especially considering you are asking for software to assist in the overclock attempt.

If after buying a video card you still want to dabble in overclocking, I would encourage you to visit and educate yourself at any of the dedicated hardware enthusiast sites.


I was thinking of buying a new graphics card but than when you think about it i dont wanna waste 300 bucks to get a video card. Plus, my parents arent really into buying me stuff for my comp. I dont wanna overclock my pc to EXTREME or anything and i dont need to overclock my video card. I just wanna make it like 2.6 ghz or something i dont think thats much of an overclock. Or you guys can advice me some good websites where i can get a good graphics card for the lowest price.


Welcome to the world of computers , better have deep pockets as most of us know , always upgrading something …
As for a video card , buy the best you can afford as if you buy a cheap one , you’ll want to upgrade in 3 mo’s again … it’s a never ending quest …
Do some research on the cards in your price range , suspect you are in the usa if you bought the puter a Best Buy , good site for prices is pricewatch .


Overclocking isn’t generally done with software.

If your mobo supports it, sometimes you can go into your bios and squeeze a few more mhz out of it, but going from 2.2ghz to 2.4 or 2.5 isn’t going to be worth the effort.

Real reliable overclocking requires a lot of reading, and the purchase of different types of heatsinks and fans and other items to enusre mobo and cpu cooling.

Buying a new video will only be a bit more expensive up front, but it’s much easier, safer and reliable.


You may not even have a PCI-E or AGP slot in your computer, I have seen many pre-built computers lately without them.


Going the dedicated video card route is going to give you infinitely better results than overclocking your current setup. Your current CPU is already bottlenecked by the onboard video. Overclocking your current setup will not give you a better gaming experience, as gaming performance is always defined by the weakest link in the system.

As DJMind stated, check if you can even upgrade to a dedicated video card.

Some websites that to visit include


Good luck and hope you find good news!


Most pre-fab PC’s bios’s are locked against OC’ing. Circuit City has the ATI Radeon 1300XT 512mb for $149.99 after rebates. It’s a pretty good card for the money, and it won’t break your mommy and daddy’s wallet :disagree:.

BTW, you techically only have 3/4 gig of RAM as your integrated graphics take up 1/4 gig. When you get a dedicated card, you’ll get that 1/4 gig back. Plus, if you really sweettalk your parents you may ask for some for memory.


No matter how much you crank up the CPU, the onboard graphics are gonna get ya. The Xpress 200 is pretty good as far as integrated graphics go, but drop in a $100 dollar card and you should see quite an improvement.


newegg, 6600gt 128mb graphic card $120 or less great card for the buck.


a high end oc will cost a bit of money too, like a good mobo, ram, coolers, heatsinks, case, etc. A 6600Gt will last for a while and its nice for ~$100