Overclocking Duron 1.2

A mate of mine gave me a Duron 1.2 and an ASUS A7V8X-X a while ago both of which he thougth were knackered, well they work anyway i went out today and got a single stick of 256Mb PC3200 Kingston Value Ram just to start of with, anyway ive just done the pencil trick and my multi is unlocked :iagree:

So what do you guys reckon i should start on next? i reckon i should go straight to 8x133 (original is 12x100) then raise the multi slowly, ive got a decent Aero 7 lite on this thing.

You got it for squat so why not give it a bash at something higher. Older Durons go up to 1.3GHz in spec but don’t run too happy after overclocking to 1.4GHz.


I think I’d run the mutilplier at 8 or so and start running up the fsb until I found the rams max. Back it off 5mz and start playing with the multiplier… Of course memtest and prime95 when you’re done… :wink:

LOL, i don’t think the memory’s max speed is an issue here - as it runs up to 400mhz guarenteed. First, set the multiplier to 7 or 8…and slowly raise the fsb until you find chip’s max at that voltage…then turn down fsb slightly and raise the multiplier (and voltage) as high as you can go. :slight_smile:

Opps… meant cpu… my bad :cool: :cool:

ok guys im gona try that out, just got to update the mobo bios and install the drivers etc, get back as soon as ive done something :iagree:

You’re better off with higher FSB than stock FSB and higher CPU clock frequency.

ok ive had to update the bios as it wouldnt post with a higher FSB but ive updated it and am running at 166x6.5 at the moment, 166 is the max FSB of this board and i dont want to step over it as this is my CD burning machine and i dont want my PCI bus speeds out of whack.

First problem, if i restart the pc it will just shut down then the monitor light goes amber and the machine stays on but will not post and i have to physically hold the power button till it turns off, then power it back up again, shut down works fine though, any ideas guys?

You’ve just clocked the CPU too high…was that at 166x6.5? What voltage were you giving the cpu and can you change it? Also, is there any chipset voltage option?

theres alot of voltage options with this board and i havent altered any its running at stock voltage, its at 166x7 it runs fine apart from the reboot issue ive ran 3dmark01 and it was ok ill set prime running later are you sure its set too high? i believe i can only change the vcore

when i say reboot issue i mean when i set it to reboot it wont windows shuts down properly but the machine wont turn off or reboot i have to manually turn it off

CD 1986 is right… It’s just clocked too high. Try bumping vcore…

yeah ok i will try that but there are no stability issues so i cant see why that would help?

I can clock the box I’m on now to the point it will appear to be stable, but will fail to post on a restart… It will also run 3DMark01 successfully but fails memtest and Prime, and ultimately creates errors in my burns…

Rule out software issues by running at rated speed, and try 133 FSB - maybe 166 is pushing it for a CPU that is probably a 100FSB slugged version of a 133FSB core.

At 7 or 6.5x 166, the CPU is actually clocked lower than default.

I’d be inclined to aim for 9x 133 (1200, but with higher FSB), and then either bring the multiplier up to 9.5 or 10, or push the FSB toward 150 if it has a PCI lock.

A 1200 will be a morgan core, similar to the old Palomino XP core, so pushing it to 166 FSB is pretty gross.

ok ive tried running at 133 fsb and it will allow me to reboot, although running at 166x7 is prime stable but ive only ran it for 1 hour