Overclocking CDRW drives?



:eek: I found this link yesterday while reading through some of the newsgroups, and it was talking about how to overclock your cdrw by changing the firmware to a different manufacturer:
My drive isnt listed, but I tried it anyways with out any luck. Guess Philips knew something like this would happen–but then again, I couldnt even update to THEIR firmware–with their own flashing util. sigh I guess my cdrw is good and bad. Good that it can copy anything I throw at it, and bad because it doesnt want to do it at 6x, 8x, 10x, or 12x. =( 4x4x16 (PCA460) Well, I hope that some of you guys can OC your cdrw’s (if your willing to take that chance), Just lemme know if you find any info on OC’ing a Philips!! =) Seen a couple of 12/10 cdrw’s for less than $100 us --although i’ll probably buy the cheapest one and OC it.


I know it is possible for some HP drives, since they are based on Sony hardware Older ones are based on Philips I believe).

There are several HP drives that can be upgraded by flashing the firmware (has been a whole discussion and newsitem on the mainpage of CD Freaks).

Have never heard this works for other drives than Sony based drives though…


its poss for some but not for others. but there are always tricks and stuff!!!


My cdrw (the phillips) was getting kinda loud–the fans were anyways…so i decided to oil them (as i did with all of my other fans). But with me, I didnt stop there. I took apart the whole thing, and found out that it WAS based on the Yamaha chip…lots of them too!! well, in search of some Yamaha firm-ware… although even the philips doesnt like my burner (yeah, their .bin’s and flasher’s dont work with cdrw). Its getting old, in less than a month, i think i’ll take my shotgun to it or something.