Overclocking CD Burners

I have read that tons of people have overclocked their drives. From what I understand, it voids your warranty. My question is, how easy is it for somebody to screw up and completely ruin your drive because of overclocking?

does it :confused:
I didn’t really realize that :frowning:

Well, if seriously while having MTKFLASH you don’t have to worry about that, 'cos you in this case are able to go back and forth, back and forth, here and there and back again to your original FW or the one that exists here @Freaks
As long as you don’t break the seals nothing will be noticed.
Do you get my point ? Even in the worst case if the flashing was bad you still can :
a) get a RMA.
b) get tons of good advices here on how to recover your drive.

Secondly, if you just very carefully read the procedure and then very patiently go through it, then your flash is a success and you are one of these lucky guys :wink:

Thirdly, do you really need to OC your drive ?

How would I break the seals? From what I have been told by Admins and moderators, you do not have to touch your hardware.

No, you don’t break the seals because you don’t need to. Flashing your drive is done from the DOS prompt or from within Windows. No physical hardware changes are involved.

That’s actually what my point was about that you didn’t have to break them :wink:

Do overclocking your CPU void the warranty? You don’t break any seals, but it for sure voids the warranty…

Same goes for CD-RW OC’ing.


C’mon, spare me !
You now are talking about purely theoretical stuff. Kind of like :cop:

But in reality, would you please tell me if you could be able to tell if actual overclocking of CDRW had taken place ? I mean even if I damn flashed it a 1000 times but then went back to the original FW and nothing was broken outside , nobody would ever notice anything. Nothing !!!

Well, these are still words. But I have my own experience of getting a RMA despite the fact of using my drive in 7 months :wink:

If you disagree w something, I’d be happy to hear your point of view again.