Overclocking: Can't let LiteOn have all the fun?



Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade a Plextor 24X to a 40X by using the 40X flash? I can see some slight mods to the firmware would be required to make the drive name match up. Since LiteOn'seem to be able to do it, I just wondered if anyone had had the courage to try it with a Plextor too? Would be intersting, as I don't know what (if any) the differences between the Plex24X and 40X drives are other than the speed.


Don’t know if I can answer that or not, but it seems Plextor drives are a lot less… malleable than LiteOn drives. We who chose LiteOn (32x ‘W’ series or higher) now can burn at 48x comfortably (with good media).

You guys have a lot more fun when it comes to burning SD2, though it’s more along the lines of hoping that your burn will work, whereas we can just sit and smile as a full 700MB, SD2-protected CCD image burns in about 2:50, and works in most other drives.

The sitting and waiting gets yawn boring at times.


Would anyone mind if I had that guy shot? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just make sure I don’t get his bloodstains all over me, and I won’t mind :wink:



Looks like a bloodthirsty bunch here. Perhaps it’s time you ran away at 40x…or maybe 48x…:smiley:


Bah…we’ll come and invade the LiteOn forums soon and we’ll kill the lot of you.



Heheh, you do know we Admins have the possibility to ban people from this forum :wink: :wink:


Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
Heheh, you do know we Admins have the possibility to ban people from this forum :wink: :wink:
Yeah i guess you can … :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is, though, that this “undercover lite-on agent” (:wink: ) has detracted us plextor users from XenoFiRE’s initial “quest” … can plextor drives also be overclocked?

One would suggest that plextor drives are of very good quality (have proved it several times) so making one’s plextor drive burning faster shouldn’t be prohibited by hardware. Of course there much more involved into overclocking than just “good quality”.

It would be nice to have some posts from people that tried to get their plexie overclocked - there must be a few out there :wink:

I would try overclocking my drive but what should i try overclocking a 4012A to? :bigsmile: