Overclocking Athlon 2400+

I have a ECS K7VTA3 Rev. 6.0 motherboard with a Athlon 2400+ cpu, it’s not fast enough for me anymore. :bigsmile: I would like to overclock it. I found this Athlon CPU unlock kit. http://www.amdpower.com/sections.php4?op=viewarticle&artid=66 Do I need anything else? I already have a fan that can cool up to 2800+ cpu’s, and it has a copper heat sink. Thanks.

Well, sounds like you want to get serious about overclocking. I overclock some Intel stuff, but AMD is foreign to me. Best thing I could tell you is take a look over at http://overclock.net. They’re all about overclocking there, read up over there and you’ll be well on your way. You can find out anything and everything about overclocking there. Who knows, you may find out there that you don’t even need to buy any kits or anything, but like I said I don’t know squat about AMD.

There’s some members here also who know about overclocking, maybe they can help you too. :slight_smile:

in my opinion its better to get a new pc or mobo+cpu+ram it will give much better performance then overclocking

a much better mobo otherwise forget it , ecs mobos are not intended for overclocking most of em cant overclock at all and the ones that do can barly , no vcore/vdimm/multpiler adjustment & extremely limited fsb adjustment

that doesnt mean its a good fan or if it will handle overclock well , whats fan exactly is it?

I will give overclock.net a try. I know I could spend $78 to buy a new Sempron CPU, but I want to squeeze some more performance out of the Athlon and wait for the Sempron’s price to go down a bit. Thanks for the replies.

2 - athlon 2400 is realy easy to overclock … to XP 2800++
probobly on ECS … u cant change multiple… so try

  • to increase FSB (to made pc more stable increase Volt on CPU/PCI/RAM but more Volt=more Temp
    -decrease ram timing and cycle - less timing = faster ram

get to http://www.tomshardware.com/index.html and read… if u got questions … ask on PM

remember DONT change your Athlon XP … to SEMPRON !! it’s the worst u can do …

The only way to get a decent OC on that CPU will be to replace your RAM with a PC3200 minimum, and not the cheap stuff either. As is, the best you can hope for is 100-200 MHz on the total clock, if that. You won’t notice any difference.
You can run the RAM asynch, but performance gains will be minimal.
Unless you can unlock the multipliers on that chip, you’re stuck where you are with that RAM.

Yea, I’m planning to buy the Athlon unlock kit. I’ve read on another forum that people can get 2.3-2.4 out of the Athlon 2400+. So I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the replies.