Overclocking Abit KR7A-133R

I currently have a KR7A-133R 2400+, 512K RAM. Is it possible to push that 2400+ to 2.3Ghz from the current 2.0Ghz? If so what is the configuration like fsb, voltage, multiplier?

Dont bother, you most likely have a locked CPU and VIA KT133A performs very poorly at FSB overclocking.

The Abit KR7A-133R use VIA KT266A chipset.

You can try to increase the CPU voltage and increase FSB in small steps.

Don’t expect more than 2100 (15x140).

ops sorry for the late return but thanks that all I need to know. I wasn’t going to go hardcore just had to get more info as to what its limit was when I try to go there…but thanks JBV…for the advise and help … I be sure to keep that in mind next time here…when I try again…