Overclocking A CD-RW? with modefied firmware

A long time ago i read on the internet that a person overclocked his cdrw (something like instead of writing at 32x it wrote at 48x)
by modifieng his firmware for his cd rw

Was this corect if so can i download a modefied firmware for a aopen 3248?

It’s possible for some models, but not that I know of for that one.

You’ll have more luck doing this with liteon

Thank you for the reply it.

Sorry i could not have replyed for 2 weeks as i was one facation

1 Is there enay place i could go to too see a list of drives that can be “Overclocked” ?

2 I could remmember that i sow it done with a aopen which model i do not know, did enay body see the aopen 32x writer being “overclocked” ?