Overclocking a 40125S through Windows?

I’m sitting here thinking I should overclock my LiteOn 40125S and so I’ve been reading the FAQ’s and other stickies to determine how to do this. So far I’ve tried using MTKFLASH with the VS08 firmware from a 48125W and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried:

1.) Rebooting into REAL DOS and executing MTKFLASH 3 R /B /M ZS0P.BIN

2.) Unplugging my hard drive and connecting the CD-RW Drive to the Primary IDE Master, and repeating the MTKFLASH command above, only using 1 instead of 3.

Both do not work. After executing the command, it gives me the copyright by so and so and it hangs there. no lights blinking, floppy drive is not spinning and there’s no percentage shown. So… is there a way to do this in Windows that I haven’t found yet? I seem to think that my cd-rw drive either doesn’t work through real dos or the mtkflash program has an incompatibility with my system.

MTKFLASH “x” R /B /M filename.bin is the command for backing up the original or current firmware. This might explain why it isn’t working. :bigsmile:

The correct command to flash the drive with new firmware is:

MTKFLASH “x” W /B filename.bin
(note the spaces: MTKFLASH{space}“x”{space}W{space}/B{space}filename.bin)

Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4:

1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

W is to write a firmware to the flashrom.
/B is to tell the program that the input file is a binary file.
filename.bin is just an example. Write the name of your firmware file here.

This will again take some time, do not reboot, switch power off or something while the flash is in progress. Note that it’s counting from 0% to 100% several times!

nothing is happening. it just hangs there. no percentage sign to show me what’s going on, nothing. it’s almost as if the program doesn’t work at all.

blah I finally got through to the download site off cdrinfo.com and I grabbed their “Liteon 40125S to 48125W” firmware update which worked and brought the drive up to VS06. Downloaded VS08 from liteonit.com and that worked as well. Right now I’m making a clone of BF1942 to test it. :cool: