Overclocking 48X to 52X

I reflashed my Memorex 48maxx (a LTR-48246S) to 52x liteon, firmware 6S07. It extracted a 677 meg CD inage to hard drive in 2:09 and burned that image to CD at 52x in 2:20. I checked the burned CD for errors uring Nero tools and it was perfect. BTW I used the Optimum 48x CDR’s from Staples.
I couldn’t figure out how (using Litefirm) to extract the 6S07 bin file from the Liteon flash program, so I did it in 2 steps. First I flashed to firmware 6S02 (using MTKFLASH), then I reflashed to the latest firmware 6S07 using Liteon’s official flash program.
I wish I had timed a burn with the 48x firmware to see if the improvment is significant. Maybe one of you can do a before and after for us (48x vs 52x).

You could always flash back to the 48MAXX firmware.


Parameters: LITEFIRM <exefile> <epromfile>

the new 6S08 would be like so

litefirm2.exe 6S08.exe 6S08.bin

hope that helps

They are all already extracted and are available here: http://liteon.notrix.net/

a mate has a LTR-48246S which i am going to flash to a LTR-52246S for him when i see him on my holiday

anyways we tested a similar sized burn and
@ 48x he burnt a 692mb cd in 2min46sec
@ 52x I burnt a 698mb cd in 2min32sec

so in this example probably saved approx 10-15sec give or take the fact I burnt a 6mb larger file

u could also use flashfix from http://digitri.tk

all u do is in dos prompt type flashfix firmware.exe

for example flashfix DS08.exe and it will patch it so it will allow you to put the firmware on ya drive without having those annoying cant copy xx firmware on xx drive

Well if the 52x works fine w/o C2 errors on scan or any other problems, then by all means use the Lite-On firmware. Its not just about performance, its also about ease of use, as if you flashed your drive as a Lite On you use its windows flashing program to make any future firmware upgrades. Also, Lite-on upgrade their firmware for their drives all the time, like just now, as ^DA^ZoMBiE said, the 6S08 just came out. So I think you should just stick with the Lite On firmwares.

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I should mention a nero cd speed test at 52x burn showed no errors too

Did you all use high quality CDs for testing? I suggest using the cheap CMC light-green 32x CD-Rs and testing em. They all report as 48x or 52x with Lite-on’s Smart utility. Two reasons, one, with cheaper quality CD-Rs, the differences are more noticeable at different burn speeds with C2 errors. Two, unless you always gonna use good quality CD-Rs, its a good idea to test out how these CD-Rs for, say, worst case scenarios.

I’ve tested my 48x with CMC and Khypermedia (also CMC) 32x CD-Rs at 48x and also 48x and 52x with the drive flashed to 52x. It tested perfectly at at 48x with 48x firmware, but with 52x firmware it showed errors at 48x and 52x. So I went back to my original. But I did this lil test awhile ago, before the official 52x firmware was even released, I should try it again sometimes.

I just got a Memorex 48x24x48 burner, and I know it could be flashed to a Lite-on 52x24x52. I tried to flash it with mtkflash in dos with the latest 6S08.bin, 6S07.bin, and SS09, but none of them is working. It said unknow type flash, and the green light stays forever. It’s back to normal when I reboot the system. Any help!

Is your drive the 48MAXX 2448AJ model with firmware version SWS3?

yes, it is a 48MAXX 2448AJ model with firmware version SWS3.

Try this. :smiley:

Memorex 48MAXX 2448AJ to Lite-ON LTR-52246S 6S08

i got a mach48 burner from pacific digital, and i want to make it 52x but i can figure it out. thanks.

I think the 48X Pacific Digital has the “5” series chipset, and won’t OC higher than 48X.

i just bought 4 Pacific Digital Mach48’s and they were all mediatek 5’s. on the upside, i didnt pay but $19.99 ea. at my local OfficeMax. they were subbing them for the Verbatim’s in the ad, and since there were no rabate slips on the Mach48’s they took the rebate amount off in store. :cool:

Originally posted by dhc014
[B]Try this. :smiley:

Memorex 48MAXX 2448AJ to Lite-ON LTR-52246S 6S08 [/B]

interesting … I have a 2448A6 and I was able to flash it to 6s08 in dos w\o a problem wonder what the dif in models is … mine was manuf in Sept 2002 fwiw

Originally posted by lagger

interesting … I have a 2448A6 and I was able to flash it to 6s08 in dos w\o a problem wonder what the dif in models is … mine was manuf in Sept 2002 fwiw [/B]

Is that a typo or was it really called A6? Did you backup your firmware? See my signature please :slight_smile:

How do you distinguish a “5” series from a “6” series remarked drive? (48x12x48)