Overclocking 16x

Anybody tried to flash their plex 16x with the 24x firmware?

Thx :slight_smile:


I doubt that would work. I don’t own the 16x nor the 24x (only plextor 12x scsi and IDE 40x).

But those firmware upgrade tools always check the drive you are flashing. Only a hacked firmware could PERHAPS work, but only if the chipsets are the same. And I doubt Plextor uses this policy. (eg some time ago HP and Yamaha have produced “different” CDR’s, but with the same chipset. The “faster” writer was more expensive, but actually, the cheaper was more or less the same, only with another firmware.)

I guess the reason why HP and Yamaha did this, was to lower developing costs. (it’s cheaper to develop one chipset/writer than 2)

Plextor however, has always produced “as good as it gets”; a 16x writer is a 16x, and a faster chipset is called a 24x (or a 40x) :slight_smile: