Overclocked sony crx195a1 to liteon 48125w suprise media speed

I was tinkering around with some of my old media this morning. After reading some peoples nightmares with particular media and the errors they were getting I decided to test some old TDK 12x media for the hell of it. What I found out by suprise was that this media (under nero with smartburn off) would record at 48x without one error. I couldn’t belive it! Looking at the TDK media I notice one thing, the coloration seems to be the same as the sony and TY’s I have used in the past. I am going to reseach it but I would bet $1 right now that TY makes TDK. So if you can find some old 12x TDK’s like I did at the Staples clearance table for 20 cents a piece, buy em!!

I love this fourm, u guyz rule!!!

Look at the plastic near the centerhole.

If it’s not totally clear but a bit “greyish” then it’s TY.

Yes it isn’t totally clear and a bit grayish.

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[B]Look at the plastic near the centerhole.

If it’s not totally clear but a bit “greyish” then it’s TY. [/B]

Is that the way to recognize TY media? What brand of CDR is usually… Taiyo Yuden? I live far from you all, everywhere is selling CMC, Mitsubishi, Acer. Never see any TY media around.

How about Acer? Is it good for 48x?

Acer or BENQ now days. It’s very good media for 48x. I use it my self.


Same here, Taiyo Yuden is hard to find. If u buy cheap media it’s mostly CMC. The problem is that company’s sell there brand
made by other manufactures.

Like Philips, they’ve TY, Ritek, Ricoh, Mitsui and CMC in their assortment. So if any luck you have bought the right one!

Lately, the only TY I have seen is Fuji (consistently), Memorex and TDK occasionally.

Look for the grayish center and TY spindles have a screw top thingy on them… see below.


After trying several different kinds of media on my true, non-OC 48125W, all I can say is that TY deserves their reputation. I’ve tried 40X TDK and Memorex, some 32X Memorex, Imation and Verbatim… errors on all burns.

Used the same playlists and burned on Max Speed with TY 40X media… zero errors. So the problem is either crap media, or a picky burner that only burns perfect media perfectly.

The way to recognize the factory is by using CDR Identifier. This will tell you wheter it’s Taiyo Yuden or something else. SInce yesterday I found a new easier trick;
In Nero goto the recorder Menu and select “Media Info” WHILE PUSHING YOU “SHIFT KEY”. It’ll tell you the manufacturer of thre CDR.
But ofcourse you can’t do that in a shop, there you have to watch the “innercircle” if its mated then it’s TY.

In the Netherlands online CDR-sellers are mentioning whether a brand is made by TY. (Made by infact is…the brand is using masterplates manufactured by TY)


Thx for the nero trick. Yes, it’s TY for sure now. IT say’s so.