Overclock question

Motherboard:Asus K8N4 E socket 754
CPU:sempron 3000+ 64 bit (1800mhz)

I have overclocked the cpu to 1940 mhz,but SiSoft sandra tells me to lower the FSB.Is it dangerous to leave the FSB increased?

Welcome 2ReaL! :slight_smile:

Sure, overclocking is dangerous! But that Sempron just begs to be… :wink:

you’r right,but i don’t want to damage my motherboard.I’m a bit afraid…

Just keep it moderate and watch your temps. If they and your PC remain stable after a day then you can creep it up another notch. If at any point you get a blue screen error then back off the OC a little.

Yes, I haven’t used SiSoft Sandra in ages, but I assume it would report that with any OC setting. Your Sempron won’t let a drop of sweat for it and if your RAM can keep up (or you use a divider) you’ll be fine.

The temps are very well,i also used a small programm called CPU Burn-in(which increases the cpu temperature till’ stabilising) and every thing was just right.The CPU target temperature is 72 C,and my CPU has 40 degrees.Thanks !