Overclock question

Hi, I overclocked my video card to where its stable now when i start to over clock my cpu my benchmark score goes down but its the video card score thats going down, the cpu score goes up , why

A couple of other overclocking forums have commented on this. I recall that it has to do with a bottleneck or something like that.

dunno man, just keep to whats reccomended for ur card. i suggest u look up 3dmark06 scores and see if u can see what others with ur exact card have done with overclocking it. u really just have to find a compromise.

I recommend against overclocking video cards, while it might raise benchmarks, you will usually only get a 1-2 fps increase in games and it will jack your temps way up. I’m really starting to regret getting a factory OC’d vid card, even though I got a killer deal on it. In CoD2 its running high 70’s to low 80’s :eek: (thats with the AC on too :eek::eek: )