thanks all!!! And it seems that writing 80 min on cd have nothing ti do whith overburning. So what is it overburning???


overburning is putting more than 74min or 650mb on cd that regularly holds 74min or 650mb


not sure of that…


Overburning means you put an extra line of data between two lines, this means the cd contains more data, but it is more vulnerable than other CD’s, cause, when there is tiny scratch on the CD, it is almost unreadable.


Ahum ! eRAZOR, where did you hear that ???

Okay, Every CDR Holds a tiny bit of data at the inner circle of the disc. It contains (amongst other things) the maximum amount of data that can be burned on that CDR. This is done as a safety barrier. Beyond that point the disc can become unreliable. It doesn’t doest have to be right after that barrier. Most of the times you can go a lot further.

So, overburning is just overwriting the CDR’s Maximum data specification.

This is also why some CDR’s be overburned further than others.

Just to help another rumour out of this world… A 80Min disc is NOT a disc that burns futher to the side of the disc ! This is a disc which indeed contains more rings on the same serface as a 74Min disc. So 80Min discs can still be oversized.

That’s what i like about oversizing. You can make an audio cd whic contains about 83 Mins of audio…

Phew, Glad that out…

pSyChO dAd


Psycho Dad is right!
A question though, on what kind of cdr’s do you write 83min? I can only get 821 on Arita 80min. cd’s. So what brands can have more?


The ones i use are white label. But there was a brand once that could also contain 83Min. I can’t quite remember the brand, but the news part of cdfreaks had an artical about that brand cd’s some time ago. The 74Min CDR’s could be oversized to 79 Minutes ! and the 80 min to 83 minutes. Well not really an artical, just a message that the production method of the CDR’s changed after which they couldn’t be oversized to 79Min anymore.

The difference is just 3 minutes so i guess there must be more brands capable of doing this, since i managed to burn differend brand of 74Min to 77 (TDK, FUJI, CD-R Proffesional). I personaly think Arita’s aren’t that good. Just try some different brands of 80 min, there must be more…


pSyChO dAd


I think my message was almost the same as yuors, psycho dad, you only misinterpreted the message. There are some things wrong in my message, but the thing about putting an extra ‘ring’ between two ‘rings’ is true. But your message is more clearly, I admit.


eRAZOR: now that i thing about it, you’re right. It depends on how you look at the rings. It doesn’t write between all the extra rings on the cd. That’s impossible. But is does write more between the innermost and actual writable outermost ring.


pSyChO dAd