Does slowing down your writing speed allow an increase in overburn capacity?
I have a Sony CRX195E1, whats the highest overburning possible for it and for what media? (I use TDK 80min 40x, by Ritek, which come is sold as a 25-pack with multicolor slim cases)
After an overburn, do i just read/open/play the last file that was burnt to verify that all files was burned successfully?
And lastly, how can overburning damage your drive?


(When I tried overburning with total of 714MB files the recorder made a light-scratchy noise when writing the lead-out, then nero says that the recording has failed. I can still access all the files using my sony, but my old 36x drive cant open the last file.)

  1. No.
  2. Max overburn range for good media is usually between 712MB +/- 3MB. I’ve done numerous TDK at 715MB.
  3. Do a Nero CD Speed ScanDisc after you’re done to check for yellow and red blocks. Yellow are still acceptible, but red’s not.
  4. Unless you do 500 in a role, it won’t.

It also depends on which mode you are burning the cd in.
Mode 1 is about 712-730 megs.
Mode 2 is around 770 or so.

It is possible to overburn cd’s but sometimes you run the risk of
pushing the drive out of specs.

And the reason you got that noise is the drive might not be capable of overburning.

I usually use cheap media like Platinum which does 714MB without a prob! When I burn 715MB it also works fine but nero crashes when writing it’s lead-out and I’ll have to shutdown Nero from the taskmanager (processes) and reopen nero to hit the eject drive button. I can still read the disc and when I verify the burned data with the data from the source it matches perfectly! :wink:

If you even can overburn is up to your writer.
How much you can overburn depends on the media & mode you burn the disc in. (DAO can burn more data then TAO and mode 2 can burn more then mode 1.)
Is it save to overburn? I have never actually heard someone say “My drive died cause I overburned.” But I’m not telling you that it can’t happen. (just think of the many people who come here and allot of them are overburning without probs!) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies.

Just wondering why you have to start nero again to eject?

Well when overburning the data in the outer regions of the CD could degrade faster than the rest.