I know this is a stupid question but id like to clarify it for a friend who thinks that if you overburn you can destroy your cdwriter i told him your cdwriter would have to be really cheap to get destroyed by overburning he said he read it Nero and also some other documents. I cant see this happening but could u clarify this for me.

It is indeed possible, but most CD writers are protected against such an accident, and you’re right, only very :Z :Z writers can be destroyed due to overburning.

The warnings you encounter in most software are only due to legal reasons.
The same kind as “don’t drink” on an bottle of HCl

Whats so special about these writers that make it not happen?

They throw a write error message before any part of the optical system hits the drive’s case :wink:

only very sh*t writers can be destroyed due to overburning. Im sure i could name a few.

Freecom 32x.

Im pretty sure Freecom relied on Philips to make their cdwriters, so is philips bad to?