Hey guys, I have some of the TY fujifilm discs and wanted to make a compilation cd-r. When i make these discs, i squeeze as much as I possibly can onto one cd. So id did some test in nero cd speed with the overburning tests.

Using my lite-on ltr48125w, i tested a capacity of 89:57.72 minutes @ 40x. It casme back and told me maximum capacity is 82:48:38. Using the same capacity at 24x gave me 82:59:72.

So i got to thinking, the lower the burn speed, the more you ca fit. I ran the test again at 12x but this time it just kept going. It went all the way up to 89:57:72 and said the test has finished without and error, please select a higher capacity.

I thought it was a fluke and told it to test 99:59:59 @ 12x. Same thing. Now i know its impossible to fit 19 minutes more on an 80 minute disc. So whats the deal it did the same at 4x.

Well i decided since it wasn’t going to give me a difinitive answer, i would burn at 4x and see what would happen.

Total play time on all my tracks in winamp was 82:56.62. Nero said total time was 83:08:62. So i burn with my liteon at 4x in the newest version of nero in DAO mode. It took 22minutes but nero said it worked perfectly.

So i pop it out and play it in my protable cd player to test it out. There were 20 tracks. the first 19 played perfectly. The last track was 2:33 and it played fine up to 1:54 then it started to get real crackly and at about 2:10 dead silence.

SO heres my question, is the overburning test in cd speed not accurate. I did a little math and came up with 82:16 as the max play time, because thats where the cd startded to cut out. I would like to know what others have had the same experience and what their results were.

It’s the same case as when you try to read a difficult disc and it’s not possible. You try it again and sometimes it’s readable.

And 99 min CDRs are much more difficult to deal:

If you get better lengths at slower speeds it could mean that the writing quality is better at that speeds.
You should try better CDRs, because it’s clear that those are marginally usable.

try the option in feurio to test the audio length of a cd

i will try feurio and let you know the results.

exactly, how do i get to that option?:confused:

Easily, in fact.
Goto : Feurio!CD Writer -> Extras -> Test capacity of CD-R

You can read more here club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=50649

you need to fill in a time that is 1 or 2 minutes bigger then expected.

ok thanks