with what program can I
overburn 90 min/800 MB
Data & Audio

I think starting with Nero (or later, I don’t remember the exact version number but, it will burn 1054 MB or 90 plus minutes.
More recent versions may burn further than that number, but there are only a few actual drives that will burn up to the 99 minute mark. A lot of cd-rom drives and cd-burners have a problem with being able to see the cd itself as a blank or a 99 minute with something wrote to it. I think the Yamaha 24x, the Mitsumi 480ate, Mitsumi 4804te, and some of the plextor drives will see the 99/800mb/900mb media and be able to write to it.

Newest Nero version ( will burn also larger than 1GB files and ofcourse CD-Rs 90 and 99 minutes long.
Couple of newer 99min capable burners are LG 16x and Lite-On 24x burners.