i hate posting in these forums in the way that i hate bothering people

i have an 80 minute disc i want to overburn … i need to squeeze 6 more megs out of it.

my burner (liteon 24x10x40) can overburn according to the feurio spec sheets. i’ve set nero to overburn (file - > prefs - > expert features) and tried to set it from 82:59:59 to 99:59:59 without any success.

i’ve set the disc so it burns in dao mode, no multisession.

bloody mofo disc still wont burn!!! (yeah i do have a disc in the drive :stuck_out_tongue: )

any help folks?

If the CDR doesn’t have 706mb’s on it, it can’t be done! Some CDR’s do have that kind of space but I can’t tell you a brand that does.
What you could do is try 90 or 99 minute CDR’s!


thanks wookie